Sunday, June 15, 2014

I sat down to check out Facebook a few minutes ago and this is what I saw:
My son (who lives in Indiana) wearing a cast.  He has never before had a broken bone.  He and his family went camping this weekend and decided to go horseback riding when his horse suddenly decided to buck and threw him to the ground.  
     My daughter, just a few weeks ago, was lying in a Louisiana hospital bed suffering from a strange virus that could have killed her.  (I knew she was in the hospital but didn't know how bad things were when it was happening.)  Thank God she recovered.
     If you're a young parent and you think things will be sooo much easier when they grow up, well, let me just say you're wrong.  You will worry about your children as long as you are on this earth.  They may grow up but they are forever your children.

To all Fathers out there and to single moms who don't have adequate support, Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Time to Return

It's been over a year since I abandoned blogging.  Remember 
Old Time Me Artist aka Grinnin Gramma ?  Yes, that was and is me, just a busier me with vintage items, antiques and collectibles in six (yeah, count 'em, six!) different antiques shops and with the same husband, owned by the same pets, etc.  
     We have lots of changes planned for the future and I hope you will be along for the journeys.  
     Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of some of our shop items; I hope you enjoy looking:  

As for now, we're off to a couple of the shops; they all need some "fluffing".