Monday, March 16, 2015


The snows we had slowed down shop sales; thank goodness that was only temporary!   After the weather broke everyone was anxious to get out of their houses.  Many of them were ready for some "retail therapy".
The next few pictures are shots of our booths in Johnson City's Village Antiques & Home Decor.  These were taken after we brought in more merchandise.  We still have some empty spots to fill.

Not only did the shops come alive, Mother Nature started to awaken from her winter slumber.  Our daffodils will soon be blooming, along with crocus and tulips.  

Mrs. Rabbit hopped by to check on us.

We'll be seeing a lot of her as soon as our garden is planted.  Of course she'll bring all the kids, all her siblings and their families, and all their friends.  

As for now, I need to get back to working on things for the shops.


  1. Hey Sher,
    You have lots of goodies to sell!
    I have a duty day today and tonight is the store's potluck. Then I'll be changing things around in our booth. Can you add the "FOLLOWER" gadget on your sidebar???That makes it super easy to follow you..
    Happy hump day! LOL

    1. Thanks, Deb! I added the "bloglovin' " thing and the google plus gadget; which one are you talking about? Is there a link I can add? Thanks, Sher