Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ready to Spring Forward!

     The time change is coming!  Give me Daylight Savings and please make it quick!

We think the heavy snowfalls are gone from the South, thank Goodness!  Spring is approaching with its showers (okay, probably downpours) and flowers (happy thoughts).  Meanwhile, I'm slowly converting our booths over to a lighter look.
Guess who forgot to take a "before" picture of this little cherub candle holder?

It's been in at least two of the shops and, even at $2.99, nobody seemed to want it.  Time for a conversion!

I brought it home, gave it a light spray of white paint and added an old sandwich plate to the top of its pillar.  (This cloche is a bit too large for it, but you get the idea)  It now has a higher price on it and is temporarily in the Village Antiques & Home Decor Mall, Bristol, TN.

I generally have a LOT of 5 x 7 wooden frames and sell them very cheaply (75¢) each.  You get a lot of miscellaneous odds and ends when you buy entire estates.  Frames tend to be one of them.  As I was going through a box of such odds and ends the other day, I uncovered this one little lone angel ornament.  It was so sweet, all by itself, just resting in the bottom of the box.

I also had a lot of little wooden craft bases.  Again, out comes the spray paint, the glue, and a page from a well-used hymnal.  I cut one of the tattered sheets to fit over the base and attached the cherub.  Much better, but adding a burlap backing to a shabby frame and putting it all together seemed like an even better idea.

We had this waterfall closet in another shop and, again, nobody seemed to take interest.  These old closets go "hot and cold" - you'll have a period in which everyone seems to want one and another in which nobody will touch them.  Well, since nobody was touching this one, we moved it to the Bristol shop (today's pictures are all from there).  If it doesn't sell (priced at only $95 and it's in good shape), it will end up painted and returned to one of the shops.  

If the wood is good on a piece, painting is a last resort for us.  We hate to lose the original look on a good piece.  There is a great product for wood furniture that Howard's puts out - great for putting moisture back into a neglected old piece and they have various colors of stains that will hide old scratches, etc. and make the wood look fabulous again.  My husband loves it and keeps a large stock in his workshop.

We always have plenty of books in our booths.  Although there are plenty of wonderful recipe sites on the net, cookbooks are a popular item.  I try to keep them grouped together.  Anything French is popular, too, whether it's Limoges or French songs.

Personally, I love the old classics!

This shelf is definitely looking sparse.  

Norman Rockwell figurines generally don't last long.

We're planning to go to Johnson City, Tennessee today to add to and spruce up the Village Antiques  shops there.

We hope you enjoyed today's photos and will see you in a couple days with more!  Please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Nice goodies for sale! Nice idea to put old sheet music with the angel. Would you add the follow gadget on your sidebar so I can follow your blog,pretty please!
    nice cabinet!!! I hope you don't have to paint it!

  2. Thanks, Deb! And, thanks for the gadget suggestion; it's added! :)