Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow: Beautiful to the Eye, Difficult to Live With

          I compare today's snow to Snow White's stepmom.  The difference, of course, is that she was fiction.  This is reality.  As of last night, ten deaths here in Tennessee have been blamed on the weather.  This doesn't include traffic related deaths due to snow and ice.

This morning's views:  Our neighbor's barn
A creek runs through our property

     The roads were clear for a while.  Our county's DOT crews did a great job, then a warm rain came through and washed a lot of the snow away.  Then this morning happened.  
     We did get a chance to get out this past weekend for a few hours.  Our booths in Bristol, Tennessee's Village Antiques severely needed attention and we were able to restock and rearrange.

     We still have plenty of room for more additions.

      The pictures shown above are of our double booth in front of the shop; below are photos of our double booths a little further down the aisle...

     I had the mantle decked out in red and white for Valentine's Day and decided to leave it for just a few days longer.  It will be soon updated for Spring and Easter.

     More room available on these shelves, too!  The shelves may look neater when they aren't packed so fully but, believe it or not, you sell much more when they are crammed full of goodies.  If customers can see everything at a glance as they mosey down the aisles, they have no reason to stop and enter the space.

      Trust me, jam-packed jelly tight is better.

     We have booths in Bargain Hunters Flea Market, too - six of them.

     Our flea market booth aren't quite as "manicured" as our antiques booths.

     Customers REALLY enjoy getting down and digging here!

      We have two "kitchen" booths in the flea market; both need more shelves for all the smalls.

     I hope you enjoy the pics; stay warm, cozy and SAFE!

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