Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Flowers and (More) Shop Pictures

Today's post will be short; we just bought a couple loads of items and I need to get busy cleaning, tagging and moving fresh merchandise to the shops.

But, first:  we can't ignore Spring!

I have several flower gardens on our property and love each one.  Spring flowers, in particular, are my favorite.  As I see their greenery and blooms I am reminded of Christ's resurrection and His promise of everlasting life.  This is particularly precious to me, as my eldest granddaughter died three years ago on March 4.  She would have turned 22 March 22.   

We put this "cowboy bench" (the auctioneer's term) in the Bristol shop almost as quickly as we got it.  (Personally, I call it a wagon wheel bench.  Technically, we're both wrong!)

These old PBR glasses are now a rarity.

Remember our mantle?  I've already changed it a couple times; things keep selling off it.

We have several customers who love vintage green glass pieces.  It's inexpensive and a good way to start a collection.

I love the look of old wingback chairs.  

This dresser sold within two days of putting it in the shop.

And now I must literally run!  The weekend is always the biggest selling time for the shops and, with a doctor appointment this afternoon, I won't have much time as I am also working Friday and Sunday.

Happy antiquing!  Enjoy your Spring.

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